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IBALGOL (Adaptive) for live trading requested

I'd like to use the new IB Adaptive Algo for automated live trading. I am seeing some reasonably good price improvement with it (0.9 bps) for highly liquid market orders.

Can it be added to the allowed order styles please?

From IB:

The Adaptive algo order type combines IB's Smartrouting capabilities with user-defined priority settings in an effort to achieve further cost efficiency at the point of execution. Using the Adaptive algo leads to better execution prices on average than for regular limit or market orders.



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I second this. Would be amazing to have.

On a side note. Anybody have good experience with using avoid_liquidity=True in VWAPBestEffort()? For highly liquid stocks would this be a safe bet to try to squeeze some more price improvement? What is the downside of using it? In my understanding orders will still get fully executed by market close, right?

Can someone from the Q team say whether this is on their radar at all? (IB Adaptive Algo)

Would love to have this option