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IbPython3 provides a native Python 3 implementation of the Interactive Brokers API software (version 9.70), allowing traders and investors to use Python's command line console to interact with Interactive Brokers via the IB Gateway or IB Trader Workstation platforms.

I am putting together a series of videos demonstrating the implementation of the IB API functionality using IPython notebooks. These videos may be of interest to the general Quantopian community given that Interactive Brokers is currently used to execute trading strategies written on the Quantopian platform.

Below are the planned series of videos (with links to existing titles) which are meant to be the same groupings as used in IB's documentation to demonstrate the usage of each function. IbPython3 hides the complexity of the event-driven callbacks in the API, making it much more accessible to average users (somewhere between Excel and Java). The ability to directly interact with the API via the Python console also makes learning more interactive.

  1. An Introduction
  2. Data Containers (specific to IbPython3)
  3. Contract Details
  4. Historical Data and Real Time Bars
  5. Account & Portfolio Data
  6. Orders
  7. Executions and Commission Reports
  8. Market Data
  9. Market Depth
  10. News Bulletins
  11. Fundamental Data
  12. Market Scanners
  13. Financial Advisors
  14. Combination Orders and Option Exercise

IbPython3 was written from the ground up and uses custom built methods to communicate with the socket using existing Python modules.

I hope to release IbPython3 upon concluding the video series. It requires Python 3.3+ and an IB server version of 62+ (I believe the current IB server version is 67, so this latter requirement shouldn't be a problem).


-Colin Alexander

11 responses

wonderful! Thanks Colin

Beautiful! Looking forward tremendously to this. Thanks Colin !

This looks really cool. I'm really looking forward this -- I've been playing around w/ ibpy and this look like a much cleaner option.

Thank Colin! As a user of TWSAPI via ibpy I really appreciate your initiative!

Superb !
Do we know what libray is Quantopian using (or planning to use) to access IB in its live trading pilot program ?

Where will the repo be hosted?

Yup, still hope one day it is published .....

The code is not there...

Nope it isn't for a long time.. The guy either got hit by a truck and disappeared. I left him a note on his linkedin but no response.
Or he used the code in a commercial project and defined it as his edge for the company and is no longer willing to share it. Either way result is the same its not there :-/ :-)

the page should be updated.
No any ibpython3 library or installation package for download AVAILABLE...(
Not nice...(