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I'm a great trader...but a horrible coder...

Well I'm not a horrible coder...I'm actually not a coder at all...I don't know the first thing about it. I am a 20 time stock trading challenge winner, and I'm trying to create an algorithm based on my strategy. I already run a day trading service that offers phenomenal returns, business is great. Hopefully one of you brilliant coders on here will be open to teaming up with me to help me build it. Hopefully we can form a partnership and work as a team. If interested, send an email to [email protected] I'll share my track record and all other applicable info. Hopefully I can find somebody great to work with on here.

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Many people on Quantopian will gladly help you if you have a bug. Most of the time they wont write your algorithm for you.

There is a reason that quants are paid so richly. CFA's are easy to find, computer science folks probably the same. An individual skilled in both fields? Very rare, and typically compensated at a very high rate. Data scientists in general are highly prized in all industries. This platform appeals to both the data scientist and the quant analyst, but neither set needs to bother with quantopian (why would they want to wait 6 months for a payoff?).

Perhaps that is why quantopian has finally started to offer python and numpy lessons. They are finally learning that they will have to make coders out of the legion of people with finance backgrounds that lack coding skills. I am one of those individuals. I have spent that past 5 months learning Python and finally understand enough to write my own algo's. I recently made the jump to R, and having learned Python first, found the transition painless. You should bite the bullet and learn to code. If you can write complex excel formulas then you can most certainly write python scripts. Check out 'automate the boring stuff' for a nice starting point.