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Increase in Capital of Investment


I have a question related to how quantopian and IB account talk with each other.

My question is: say if my initial capital in IB is 3 mil and later I put another 1 mil into my IB account, does my quantopian algorithm know that (context.account reflecting the increased capital)?

I think another question related to this is if I have an active trading algo linked with my IB account and I wanted to make a manual redemption of partial capital invested, is it possible to do that and will my algo knows about the changes (context reflecting the correct numbers)?

My apologies if I did not make the questions clear and many thanks for your help in advance!


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bump for answers. Thanks!

The short answer is yes. All the account fields get updated automagically in your algorithm to reflect any added (or subtracted) cash. However, it does screw up the metrics. You may want to look at this post .

Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for your answer! As long as context.portfolio and context.account are updated... I understand the metrics are no long accurate to reflect the performance and risk.