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InputRejected, being locked out when doing errors


I am totally new to Quantopian but have coded Python for a while.
I found data in the data-folder in form of csv.
I wanted to look at the data. So the natural way was to use import csv
Nope, not allowed. First warning..

So I tried pandas which I know can read csv. Soo. pd.read_csv...
Nope, not allowed. Second warning!

I searched the documentation for "csv" and found "local_csv". It worked!

I did a help(local_csv) and found that this local_csv was in a library called "qexec.research.api"
So I wanted to see what inside this library:


Nope... Not allowed. Last warning. Next error I do I will be locked out.

How to learn Quantopian when not allowed to make errors without being locked out?

Kind regards


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Hi Björn,

Thanks for your questions. First off, I want to say sorry for the frustrating experience you've had so far on Quantopian. We are a team of engineers and programmers and everything you reported doing is probably what many of us would do when trying to learn a new platform like Q.

One of the tougher challenges we face by providing a free-to-use cloud platform is the fact that we run code from random people on the internet on our own severs. The balance between security and flexibility is a tough on, and we are probably erring on the side of security at the moment. We actually blacklist many Python built-ins that might give users the ability to break out of our security measures and instead we whitelist a set of libraries and methods/classes that are allowed. The whitelist that's allowed in Research and Backtests is documented here. Additionally, there is an additional whitelist that applies to Research.

If too many imports of blacklisted modules/methods are made on one account in a short period of time, the account will be locked (as the error messages indicated to you). We are continuously trying to tune this system to find the right balance between strict and flexible. In this case, it sounds like the system was too strict. I'll share this feedback internally and see if we can relax it a bit. In the meantime, please know that you can always email in if your account gets locked and we can help unlock it.

Regarding your question of how to learn Quantopian - my suggestion would be to read the documentation. From there, you can start in the User Guide or Tutorials and get a better sense of how everything works. We probably have a stricter environment than you're used to. At the same time, we solve a lot of data engineering problems and build fast, uniform APIs on top of large datasets that should ultimately save you time when researching an idea.

Thanks again for reporting this problem. We still have work to do to provide a better learning experience for veteran Python developers. Feedback like this helps us move in that direction.



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Hello Jamie.

Thank you for your exremely professional and kind/good answer on my newbie troubles!
I am really impressed of this answer!

I find your page really usefull to learn on and I was very happy when I found it so I hope this can be useful for you of course. Thank you SO much for your response. I will try to dig deeper and I really understand your problem with security issues with many libraries.

Thank you again for the page and your answer!

Best regards

/Björn, Sweden