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Inspecting quandl.cboe_vix fails

I'm a python noob, but am experiencing an issue that I think is on quantopian's side. I am referencing the example notebook from here:

Basically, when you try to print the dataset (or a slice) it prints the object name instead of the data. For example:

from import cboe_vix  
# output: <quantopian>.quandl.cboe_vix[:3]  

The example notebook provides a different result, but when you manually run it the result changes to what I'm getting.

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I'm also getting the error:

UnsupportedPipelineOutput: Cannot add column 'open_vix' with term Latest([cboe_vix.vix_open], 1). Adding slices or single-column-output terms as pipeline columns is not currently supported.

On the code

pipe = Pipeline()  
pipe.add(cboe_vix.vix_open.latest, 'open_vix')  

Which means something has changed...

New error helped me find the underlying issue:

Can we at least get the quandl documentation updated...