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Install zipline on win-64

I'd like to install a Python module named "zipline", which is only available for win-32 (Isn't it?). The following command line for installation can only browse for win-64 version:

$ conda install -c Quantopian zipline

So far, I have not seen an option to force the command to search for win-32. If you find one, please share me. Thank you.

I also tried $ pip install zipline, but it returns an error message "Unable to find vcvarsall.bat". Should I install MS Visual C++ first?.

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I just found the ultimate solutions compiled here. Enjoy vcvarsall.bat !

Glad the source install worked. I could be mistaken, but I imagine you need to be using win-32 conda to install win-32 packages. The miniconda download page offers both.

Because the source install on windows can be difficult, we're also currently working to automate building windows (64) conda packages for zipline, but we have finished the project yet!



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I am still unable to install the win-32 version of zipline (my desktop is win-64). I guess there should be a flag following this command line:

conda install -c Quantopian zipline

Any idea?

We just released win-64 conda packages for zipline 0.9.0. So if you've got win-64 conda installed, you should be able to install zipline now!

Enjoy vcvarsall.bat !

Oh My God.....I lost count of how many times I loaded and unloaded Anaconda and god knows what else to try and get zipline working on Windows. Eventually I just gave up, abandoned zipline and move to another Python back tester.

win-64 conda packages for zipline 0.9.0.

Can't face even trying it. I wasted literally weeks of my life trying to get zipline running on Windoze....

Life is just too d**n short.

Sorry it was so difficult Anthony.

All the feedback you and others provided to us about the pain of running zipline on Windows was exactly the reason we are now providing win-64 conda packages and have fixed other issues in zipline dependency installation and in 32-bit compatibility. We spent a lot of time adding Windows to our continuous integration matrix, probably running into many of the same issues you did, so that Windows users will find it easier to install zipline now.

Hopefully if you try again in the future, you'll find it easier too!

Hi Rich Frank,
I was able to install Miniconda 64-bit Python 2.7 + Zipline 0.9.0 on my Windows 64-bit machine but even running you basic script throws another error (the same Unicode problem for any other script).

c:\Program Files\Miniconda2\Scripts>python
[2016-04-25 11:55:37.086000] INFO: Loader: Loading stock: AAPL Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 25, in
File "C:\Program Files\Miniconda2\lib\site-packages\zipline\utils\", line 229, in run_pipeline
with open(algo_fname, 'r') as fd:
TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found

Hi Peter,

It looks like your command is missing the path to the algo file you want to run. Not the best error from zipline, but it's complaining when trying to open an empty filename. Take a look at --help or the docs - I believe you'll want to use --algofile or -f.


Hi Rich Frank,
thanks for help, you were right (I must run it as ,,python -f parameters''). Nevertheless it just opened many other problems:

1) AttributeError: 'BarData' object has no attribute 'current'
2) ImportError: No module named talib

All these scripts were working when I was using it a year ago with Zipline/Quntopian.

Hard to know the cause without looking at your algo script, but some guesses:

  1. Perhaps you're running an example from HEAD of master of zipline, which is now ahead of the 0.9.0 zipline release. Essentially running a Q2 algo with Q1 zipline. Try updating your installed zipline or using an example from 0.9.0.
  2. Did you conda/pip install talib (or pip install zipline[talib])? talib is actually an optional dependency of zipline.

Hope that helps!

I get everything (zipline and other Quantopian related) working last month after I had finally installed VisualStudio for Python.

Hi Rich Frank,
1) Yeah, that's the case, I am using Zipline 0.9.0 installed using conda install -c Quantopian zipline
2) Yes I did, but I got the following:
C:>conda install talib
Fetching package metadata: ....
Solving package specifications: .
Error: Package missing in current win-64 channels:
- talib

Hi Peter,

The package is named "ta-lib" with a hyphen, so your command should be conda install -c Quantopian ta-lib.


Perfect, the first script finished fine now. Thanks.


Hi Rich,

I am using, conda install -c quantopian zipline=1.0.1, to install zipline on my win-64 machine,
but kept receiving this error message "Error: Package missing in current win-32 channels: - zipline 1.0.0*" .

Is the default Quantopian channel for win32? How can I choose win-64 to install zipline1.0.1 ?


Hi Steven,

We're only publishing win-64 packages of zipline currently. It sounds like, even though you're running on win-64, you've installed a win-32 version of conda (you can confirm with conda info). Either or both can be installed on a win-64 machine, so try the win-64 version:


Hi Rich,
My machine is running on win-64 and i´ve installed a win-64 version of conda. I´ve installed the latest version of Zipline (1.0.2) but still receiving the same error message: no module named Zipline.Api
I also uninstalled win-64 conda version and installed the win-32 version and used "conda install -c quantopian zipline=0.7.0" to install zipline package. It still doesnt work. Can you explain me which can be the problem? and which are the ideal requirements for installing Zipline?

This might help someone...I also had some trouble installing Zipline in Windows 64 bit. What worked is Anaconda, win-64, python 3.4 (3.5 has numerous issues), and zipline 1.0.2. I had to downgrade (using conda) from Python 3.5 to 3.4. This will force a downgrade of many packages (numpy, pandas, spyder, ipython, etc). If you have a lot of dependencies, the downgrade might not be worth it.