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Installing zipline-live on windows and conda

Can someone provide instructions on how to install zipline-live on windows with anaconda?



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You could take a look of the tutorial:
or try my way:
1. install orginal zipline and its dependences with the following command line:
conda install -c Quantopian zipline
2. remove/rename folders: lib/site-packages/zipline*
3. run python install from source directory of zipline-live

Thanks for this. The turorial did not work out for me, hence I was asking. Thanks again.


Lucas, I have a follow up question for you: when I run python How do I specify the [ib] broker in the command line?



@Luc, didn't "python install" install everything for you after following my way? If you can't, you could submit a bug in, maybe I will follow up there since it's not related with Quantopian.


Did not work, however, I read some of the issues on GitHub and decided to run again the simple pip install commant in my zipline-live virtualenv and it now works.

Thanks for your help.


would zipline/pyfolio make it in the official anaconda packages at any point?