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Inter-listed Stock Abitrage Strategy

Hi everyone,

I am to new this forum and I apologize if advance if these questions have been asked before.

1) I would like to learn as much as possible about Inter-listed stocks and the abitrage opportunity when there is a difference between the shares price of two stocks trading in different markets. Example, TD.TO (Canadian Bank) also trades on NYSE as TD. There are moments when the current conversion rate for USD/CAD is off and an arbitrage window is available.
a) Has anyone developed thius strategy using Quantopian IDE?
b) Are there books I can read more about the strategy

2) I love the Quantopian IDE, I think its amazing, however, I dont always want to rely on the Quantopian IDE, is it possible to use my own IDE (example Pycharm) and some how still connect to Quantopian's amazing libraries (example use Pipeline)?
a) Is this possible for Python 3? Or I must use Python 2.X?

Thank you for your time!