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Interpreter only recognizes three functions

What am I doing wrong? The IDE is only recognizing two of the three functions. I have initialize(), handle_data(), and my_transform(). If I put my_transform() last, it won't recognize the call to it in the handle_data() method. If I put handle_data() last, the error says I need to implement a handle_data method.

Has anyone experienced this before? It might be a problem due to my inexperience with Python.

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You should probably organize your layout w/ something along these lines:

def initialize(context):
# choose the top two percentile of DollarValue rankings
set_universe(DollarValueUniverse(98.0, 99.0))
# construct a new batch transform, tuck it into the context
# call the function my_transform every two days, keeping 7 days of history in the data panel
context.a_batch_transform = BatchTransform(func=my_transform, refresh_period=2, delta=timedelta(days=7))

def handle_data(data, context):
# update the transform with the current data events
transform_results = context.a_batch_transform.handle_data(data)
# place orders, rebalance portfolio, etc.
order(transform_results.buys[0], 10)

def my_transform(data_panel):
prices_dataframe = data_panel['price']
# do work on prices...
# return the data your algorithm will need to make buy/sell choices
return transform_results

Obviously this won't run any result, but I hope it generalizes some "flow of concept" :P

Taylor B,
Sounds like you have an indentation bug. If you post the source code I can help you find the issue.


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that's what I figured, but I'd rather not post the code.

Google's telling me to change tabs to four spaces, get rid of extra space at the ends of lines, and end the last line with a newline. I don't get that last bit of advice.

The easiest way to make sure you have a newline at the end of the last line of code is to put a blank line at the end of your script.

Hello Taylor B.,

You could try one of the IDEs like IDLE than have an "un-tabbify" option. This can help.



the problem: I wrote @batch_transform instead of @batch_transform(stuff = 1, stuff2 = 2). Weird. When I was using zipline without quantopian this wasn't a problem.

Not it starts running but I get this: TimeoutException: Too much time spent in handle_data call

edit: seems fine now