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Investing in algorithms as a private person

I recently started on Quantopian and have a lot to learn before I can think of participating in the contest and implementing algorithms myself. If I understand the businessmodel of Quantopian well the successful algorithms are offered to investors. Is it possible as a private person to participate with limited amounts in these investments? Another angle would be an investment fund that picks a collection of successful algorithms. I found some discussion on this topic in 2017, has anything changed on this since then?

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Thats a good question I dont know the answer to, but I think there are other things to consider besides finding the right algorithm. Like how well is the algorithm being executed? And how long are you personally going to commit to sticking with a particular strategy? Some strategies could be unprofitable for several years but then make up for it in a few months and would you stick with something like that long enough to win unless you really knew the ins and outs of the strategy? Would the fund that you selected do that? A fund of algos may be doing the same thing as mutual fund investors who jump around to whatever fund is hot and end up getting worse returns than if they just bought into an index fund.

Hi Steven,
right now the Quantopian fund isn't open to individual investors.
If you are interested in investing in one of the profitable strategies developed here, contact me through my profile.