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Is it possible to install quantopian in local IDE like PyCharm


As much powerful as the quantopian IDE may be, I still prefer to use local IDE Pycharm as much as possible, since I can debug and inspect data object a lot more conveniently. I am new, the ability to inspect data object many levels down at runtime now is extremely helpful.

I was able to install zipline plugin into Pycharm and run everything from it.

Now to run example like this one

that uses

from quantopian.algorithm import attach_pipeline, pipeline_output
from quantopian.pipeline import Pipeline

Is it possible that I install quantopian like zipline into PyCharm?

Thanks a lot!

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I would also love to know.

My guess, No.
It seems to me that one of Quantopian's revenue models is that anything you do with their data (even the paid data) they can use.
This means that their incentive to let you write code outside their system is meh

Hi Kevin, Joe,

You can install and run zipline locally (, however the data we provide for executing the simulations (market data, fundamentals data, other 3rd party data sets) is only available for use on the Quantopian website.



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hi colleagues,
it`s very interesting question. as i understood, Quantopian performs computational environment for running of user code. May be it is a docker container. If so, Quantopian may give access to this environment throw SSH/SFTP . and Pycharm can handle with it. It will copy user code to environment and run. So, user will work in Pcharm and Quantopian will get his code. Win/win.

How did you manage to install zipline on pycharm? Because i tried doing the convential way of going to preferences and installing the package, but it i cant find the package anywhere. I dont know what to do, because downloading any other package does work the exact same way.

use Conda