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Is the end of live trading really a deal breaker?

Now that Quantopian has closed the curtain on live trading, or will at the end of September, will the community around here diminish significantly? I know personally I will be spending a good amount less time hanging around here, as I have very little to gain materially anymore. Also I'm wondering if any prominent faces around here are considering resigning from the community. Being still relatively new to Quantopian I had looked forward to learning more, but I don't know if this something I can afford to spend time doing anymore. I'd just like to here from others on here how you all feel about the change, and whether or not you'll be sticking around here anymore.

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Discovery comes through experimentation. The research environment and backtester here are still extremely valuable for that. Now, if what I discover here despite the odds happens to have $10m capacity, or I'm able to adapt it to meet the rigid requirements of the Q Fund -- that's great, I'll submit it. But if it has lower capacity and/or doesn't fit the Q allocation risk profile but fits my own and displays significant returns, well the principles I come across here can still most likely be ported over to another platform that supports live trading. Not a big deal. And visa-versa. If I end up working on a different platform, but come across some amazing source of alpha, hedged against all the risk factors, with $10m capacity, well then of course I'll port it over here and submit it for an allocation. That's totally still worth it.

In summary, despite the change, I'm still incentivized to find sources of alpha.

On the other hand, I'm no longer as incentivized to find sources of alpha that depend on expensive alternative datasets that I can't hope to get access to outside of Quantopian, since now I can't personally capitalize on my partial successes.


I am leaving, at this very moment I am migrating my algos from here to QuantConnect, sadly there is not reason for me to stay, and get an allocation seems like something that requires a fair ammount of time working on it so, I rather work on my own stuff and move on. I guess they just wanted to get rid of people like me, who are not interested on the allocations, only on the live tradinf feature, I cant blame them, but it will be harder to attract new users.


Very sad, but without live-trading support, what's the point of continuing to develop on this platform, particularly when there are perfectly good alternatives? The contest/allocation thing is very gimmicky to me.. even if you're lucky enough to be awarded an allocation, you only receive 10% of the profit. The good folks at Quantopian pocket the rest.

I suspect QC is about to undergo a big growth spurt.

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    I am close to finishing porting my algo to QC.

How difficult is it to port algos over to qc I am about to do the same

Also interested in moving algos to QC. Is the syntax relatively the same or would it be better to bite the bullet and write an algo using Interactive Brokers' platform?

@Kern one misunderstanding there that I'd like to correct. The majority of the net profits from an algo belong to the investor. The author gets 10% of the net profits as a royalty payment for their intellectual property. Quantopian also keeps a share of the net profits, of similar magnitude to the author's share (I am not able to disclose the exact amount). If you survey the industry, you'll find that is a very attractive deal for the author. The author has only financial upside without risking any of their own capital.


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My understanding is that the profit is with whatever leverage is applied by Quantopian, making the deal even better (up to 6X leverage, reportedly).

The end of live trading will kill this site as a viable dev platform. The ability to automate your own personal trading strategy was the incentive for learning, and developing here.

I have attempted to move my live trading algorithms to QuantConnect but I am having some difficulty migrating them. I actually plan on staying on Quantopian for contest algorithms. If I don't win at least I'll learn something.

Quantopian staff; you could at least leave some form of real time signals when the algo would trade in the form of email, https call or such ...