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Latex in the forum

How to write in latex in the forum?

Some test:
$a_2^4$ $$a_2^4$$ $latex a_2^4$

They all fail :-(
If there is not solution, would be great to enable it on the forum, at the end math is more compact than english :-)

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Images can be shared. See For example:

Hi @Grant,

Where do you publicly store the images you share here in the forums? Dropbox, Google Drive (GD), or somewhere else? I've tried to share/link to images stored in my public folder on both Dropbox and GD but with no luck. Any tips?

Yes indeed, I had saw that post about sharing images. But then it a bit anoying to generate an image, then host it, then link it :-). What a lost of time!

To the webmaster: enabling latex can be done in minutes :-), mathjax would be my choice, as it is very very easy to setup.

@ Joakim -

  1. Go to
  2. Click New post (upper left).
  3. Upload image.
  4. Right-click on the image and copy the image location (works in Firefox...may be different for other browsers).
  5. Post link into:
![](<insert link to image>)  

@ David - Quantopian research notebooks support math notation, although I don't know if it is LaTeX. However, if you look at, and right-click on one of the equations, MathJax is being used. Maybe the forum already supports it? Generally, I agree that for a quantitative site, the forum should support math directly and conveniently.

Awesome! Thanks Grant!


Indeed notebooks support LaTex, python too... if you want to write the caption of a figure using LaTex in matplotlib you can do something like that:


the 'r' is needed to allow it working well (without it most tex command will work but not all.... Then the font is a bit weird in matplotlib, but you can evidently change it :-).

Great to know that MathJax is indeed already installed for the website..., please could someone tell us how to use it in the forum :-). OK one can always attach a notebook :-).

Hi David,

We've added support for \(\rm\LaTeX\) in the forums. Image workarounds not needed!


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That is great!!

$$ \lim_{x\rightarrow8}\frac{1}{x{-}8}=\infty $$

$$ \lim_{x\rightarrow5}\frac{1}{x{-}5}=\rotatebox{90}{5} $$

Sad, \rotatebox dont work!

Thanks very much!