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Live algo results not updating since y'day

Cannot see any update on my live algos trades, including existing positions since start of session on 28th June. Is it specific to my algos??


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No, all live trading algos have been affected by a major outage since I guess Monday night. I actually popped by to see if there was a status update because it's getting (more) worrying that we've had no indication whether they are even going to start tomorrow.


Thanks Simon. Saw the status update page after your post. (should have checked it earlier!) It says
"Our zipline backed algorithms (including contest algorithms) are skipping today and will run tomorrow. " Hopefully it will start today.

Bizarrely, one of live trading algos reports that it DID trade yesterday. Looking forward to the post mortem.

I am guessing that for contest algos, yesterdays trading will need to be accounted for via simulated trades regardless of whether the system was up or not as some algos, which didn't use pipeline, were up and running y'day, so it will make sense to have all contest algos on the same footing.