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Live Trading?

Just signed up here. Does Quantopian support live trading through Alpaca or anywhere else? I've read that there's no brokerage integration.

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i believe the point of what they are trying to do is help people make algos then enter there contest to get funding.

No. That is correct. Quantopian no longer has any live trading support.

Alpaca has an open source software package called pylivetrader that is an implementation of Quantopian's engine (zipline). This allows you to trade Quantopian-style algorithms on Alpaca. It's not a hosted solution, so you run it on your own machine. Also, be aware not every feature is available -- for example, the order optimizer.

There is a version of the quantopian backend, zipline, to trade live again Interactive brokers. There are now 2 versions: one based on an older version of zipline zipline live and one based on the latest version of zipline ( [ ][2] ) supporting most stuff except things that Quantopian has not released like the optimiser and the Quniverses. The latter one even has enhancements like stop and start callbacks and such. Personally I would only trade with the latter one as the former one has some omissions like not being able to receive index data properly (VIX, SPX etc). I trade several algo's live with the enhanced version.

There is also IBridgePy. Supports most of Q accept pipeline. Of course, most of the data is not provided and needs to be sourced from somewhere.

Thanks guys, will revisit this when I get more comfortable with the API docs

@Peter Bakker can we directly integrate quantopian with zipline?

If yes the please provide me the step by step solution to get integrated.