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Live trading being shutdown: My Response.

If you haven't seen already, the following email has been sent out:

We have decided to stop supporting live trading through brokerages (Interactive Brokers and Robinhood) on Quantopian. September 29th will be the last day of trading through a broker.

Please see my email response to fawce below, and add to it if needed. (My response was written on a phone, so the organization isn't great)

I understand that company goals change, but for those that have slaved hours to learn your system for the sole purpose of personal trading, you can't give more than a 40 day notice?

Please reconsider a longer time frame before shutting down the personal live trading.

Additionally, please consider reversing this sunset, and keep the personal live trading going. You mention that we, the personal live Algo people, are wanting more and more features. I'm here to say that what you have built is perfect. I don't care for any more features, I just want my algorithm to run. I understand there is cost of maintaining a server, but doesn't the community growing together provide you with a diverse set of skills, and more contest entries? My knowledge and skill with quantitative finance and programming is nowhere near the experts on this site. I stand no chance to win a contest and allocation anytime soon... So perhaps I am a leach to your servers? But I aspire to grow my skills to hopefully win a contest one day. However, given that likelihood, it is not cost effective of my time to use your system, if I am unable to run an Algo with my own assets as I grow my skill. (It has been secondary income for me)

I do hope you will reconsider leaving Quantopian the way it is, but if not, please give us longer than September 29th.


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...I forgot to mention in my email reply, that I would be willing to pay a subscription to maintain the ability to live trade.

Completely agree with your frustration. And I also agree that I would be willing to pay a subscription, I just posted the same thing to Fawce's post:

I'd like to pay for the service too rather than see it shut down.

It's really a very bad news that Q are going to shutdown the live trading!