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Live trading isn't available with IB?

I am experiencing for two months now a problem with Live Trading through IB, any algorithm I try to run in Paper or Live trading is failed, due to "Unknown problem".

Is anyone else experiencing this frustrating condition?

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is your algorithm set up correctly for live trading with IB? You won't get many helpful responses without attaching a backest example of an algorithm that doesn't work for you so people can diagnose it

We have had a series of bugs with Interactive Brokers' client software. One of the frustrating bugs is that some people can't log into IB. Our frontend reports that to the trader as "Unknown error", though the underlying error is actually quite well known to us now.

IB has fixed that bug with a new release of the client software, but the new release has an even worse bug - it periodically fails to report order fills, and the trading algorithm is put in the dangerous situation of not knowing what its current holdings are.

The first bug stinks, but it is a safe and well-understood failure mode; the second bug is unsafe. We are continuing to use client version with the authentication bug. We know that this is a frustrating situation, but we don't have a solution available to us. We just have to wait for a new client version from IB that has both fixes in it.


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Have you ever accessed IB through an API before?