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Live trading - Limiting Total Strategy Exposure


Newby here so I apologise if this is an obvious question.

I do some manual trading alongside my automated strategy(it's a daily rebalancing strategy with two stocks), and would like to be able to keep the automated side of what I do separate (but within the same account) from the manual trades I make.

To this end, I need a way to limit the total proportion of my IB funds which can be seen by my Quantopian strategy. I understand the context object and setting the notional limits and so on, but it seems that this would set a static limit on the value of the two legs of a trade I wish to make. Because the max notional value of the two stocks could only be set in the initialise function, it seems that this would fail to take into account growth in the strategy.

A way to do this which still allows the strategy to trade on previous profits would be ideal (so not a fixed ceiling on the amount invested in the strategy). Is this possible currently?