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Live Trading Performance Reporting

I'm wondering what others are using to judge the performance of their live trading accounts in a practical manner.
I realize I can go to the source , in my case Interactive Brokers, and run reports on the accounts themselves. But that is very time consuming.
If I ever want exact performance, I realize I must go there.

I'm using the Q platform for a number of accounts trading live (more than 8) and it is tedious to do so each time. I would love to
be able to get a visual representation similiar to what Q offers on paper trading accounts. For those of you not aware of it, because
starting and stopping an algo , buying bonds or options or non - Q traded securities , or adding or subtracting cash from the account will
greatly skew the results, the Q graph of performance is grossly inaccurate at times.

One idea I've had is to run my algos twice, once on the paper trading side and once on the live trading side, with the same strategy and amounts of capital. This would overcome add/subtract cash problem, and allow me to judge the algo performance on its own merits.
It would also have the benefit of quickly highlighting the difference between assumed slippage and actual slippage.

I'm curious to know how other live traders are handling this issue.