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Live Trading Shutdown Alternative - Let Us Pay You.

I don't know how many people are using the live trading feature, but I'm sure most would rather pay $15 - $20 a month to keep it alive...

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I agree, I would rather pay a monthly fee than see the live trading go.

Completely agree, just posted the same thing to Fawce's post:

I agree with this. Even if it were more than $15-$20/month... I'm sure for many of us, the payoff would be worth it.

Pleas let us play you! I agree with this.

I wonder if not allowing auto trading is going to drive some people off the site that would otherwise also compete and thus lower the level of the competition or are those different categories of people? I for one was more interested in my own trading but I was on the side developping multistrategy algo that I was hoping to present in the contest at some point...
However the prospect of winning any material money in the contest is not the driving force as it remains tough to win as far as I can tell... now I ifnd myself googling for alternative to Q for my own trading... turns out there are not too many good solution out there!

Thanks for bringing this question up.

We gave a lot of consideration to this idea. Unfortunately, the economics of it still don't add up. Even if every person who is using the brokerage trading today gave us $20/month, it still wouldn't cover the costs of the service. The market isn't big enough. If you look at our forum posts and press releases from around 2013, back then we thought we could turn this into a full-fledged business. We tried very hard to do that. It was not easy. There are server costs every day, engineering costs on an ongoing basis, and support and operation considerations.

The monetary cost is only a part of the decision, though. Earlier, Fawce talked about focus. The benefits of focus are hard to quantify. We are teaching thousands of people around the globe each month about quantitative trading. These people are new to the industry. We teach them statistical and coding concepts, and we give them the data and tools to research their own ideas. We're helping thousands of people learn, and some of them will even get rewarded. We want to do that more, and we want to do it better. The focus we get from phasing out brokerage integrations will help us do more.

We are very sorry that we can't continue to provide this feature in this way.


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@Dan Dunn. I didn't imagine the users who live trade were only few hundreds, that explains a lot. If only we could use right away to run our algorithms, then having to host zipline-live on our server would only be a minor hassle. Unfortunately zipline-live has currently too many limitations: no pipeline API? and what about the data? Without Quantopian data zipline-live is not very useful. Isn't there a way for us to make use of Quantopian data (paying for it?) while running zipline-live so that we have a full Quantopian replacement? Otherwise, having to use another platform for live trading while using Quantopian for learning, researching and developing algorithms for a possible allocation is such a waste of time that we could otherwise spend in researching new ideas.



@Luca I agree with you.

But for someone just starting out in the algorithmic trading world with enthusiasm, I believe Quantopian will remain to be a free source of highly useful and relevant information. I thank the team for that.