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log quota test

Hi just a quick one: when you run this in the full backtest you get the output

"The logs for this backtest have been deleted because log output from newer backtests have taken up your log quota."

despite it producing no lines of log output.

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# Backtest ID: 50bf48947899866f30a2266a
This backtest was created using an older version of the backtester. Please re-run this backtest to see results using the latest backtester. Learn more about the recent changes.
There was a runtime error.
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Hi James - I actually can't reproduce the problem with this algo. But I certainly believe you that we've got a bug out there that's causing you a display problem. I'll look into it.



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Hi Dan,

Seems like an intermittent problem as I've been getting this on and off for different algos for apparently no reason. I come back an hour later and it works, but another time it might not. weird!

Thanks :)

I will try to track it down. Thanks for point it out.