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Looking for a tutor: Help me learn Quantopian and find out how a combo of SPY with puts would have performed

Hey team,

I am looking for a tutor, and am willing to pay ~100 dollars an hour -- hoping this takes <2 hours.

I would like someone to work with me over video, to find out the answer to the following:
1. Say I bought ~500K of SPY in 2000
2. Then, I spent some small percentage of the portfolio, buying way out of the money puts, at a rolling 2 month window
3. I would like to see how that performs against a normal, SPY hold over ~20 years

If we get time, can leave the stage to you to teach me some of the functions and analysis that you find most interesting

Am an engineer and am familiar with python, but am a data noob. Would love someone to walk me through all the tools I could use to find that answer.

If you could help, let me know and I'd be happy to work with you.
[email protected]

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I have seen that covering a portfolio of the S&P 500 would cost on average 18% per annum of the portfolio value. I have not checked the figure myself. If it is correct then as you can see you will end up with a loss over the holding period. It is easy enough to calculate for yourself if you buy historic data. On my gistt you will find quite a lot of work on options.

Hey Zenosthestoic,

I'm trying to test out some ideas, based on

(i.e once we have the basic model, I wonder what would happen if we bought 50% otm, and scaled the buys based on Q ratio)

I have a large portfolio which I covered with put options in February. Purely by luck but I am happy. I think you need to decide how much you are willing to lose and hedge accordingly. My criterion was to accept a 20% loss for 1% of the portfolio value. My options were 20% otm