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Looking for Co-developer on a trading algorithm using binary clusters

I have consistently identified binary clusters in asset prices.

The binary clusters I found consist of 6 data values that measure short, medium and long term price trends I have coupled these with corresponding correlation coefficients. I have consistently found these binary windows with high correlations in a variety of assets over various time periods. However I have neither the ability or interest to take this to the next level. I have created some basic algorithms using 1 minute time intervals and only focused on interday, you can view this on a website we created as well as upload files to test.

You can access testing on my website:

Username: Test
Pswrd: 1234

Looking for someone who can take this to the next level by identifying the mathematical logic in the clusters and/or applying software solutions like a neural network.

Thank You

Kip Kiefer

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Could you sure the logic behind the algos?