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Looking For Python Book

Hello Everyone,

I am fresher in python and I want to learn them, I am looking to python book but I am confused which one is good. I have visited the amazon site to purchase python book and I am confused which one better I have checked the list from here python books on google and I have found top list of amazon site. Can anyone suggest me which author book is better?

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Are you proficient in any programming language?

Yes, I am proficient in C programming

In that case, I would recommend Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney. It will give you the fundamentals you will need for Quantopian. Make sure you have a good understanding of Numpy and Pandas and practice in Jupyter Notebook environment. The book covers all these subjects and many more which are all essential for Q.

Good Luck

This could be a starting point After that you can play around with algorithms, whenever encounter issue just google or ask around, eventually python is just tool, not goal.