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Looking for someone to create a core satellite strategy

I don't know if this is the place to ask this question or not, but I found a site, and like the feature under timing models called core-satellite. It allows you to compare and weight a static portfolio (core) with a tactical portfolio (satellite) so you can build a core portfolio with say 10 etfs weighted each 10%, and then build a satellite portfolio with a different set of assets that trade on a moving average crossover. You can then combine the two with say 50% core and 50% satellite and it will run the portfolio backtest and give you the analysis of how each did compared to a benchmark and also how the combine strategy did.
My question is, is there anyone in this community that can build me a site with just this feature? If not where should I start?

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For some reasons I unable to attach backtest to any post reply , so I created Combining Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation as reply to yours request.
Is that what you are asking for?

Great! Thank you so much! I hope to learn code. This is amazing

When well tried and tested method using index products such as the 60/40, risk parity, targeted volatility work so well with a diversified portfolios it doe make me wonder what the vast majority hope to achieve with their fancy indicators and systems.