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I am looking for a python programmer who will develop the best trading system.I have an idea which I tested manually. It showed great results with very small drawdown.My ideas have nothing to do with technicals or fundamentals.I use statistic and probability to foresee market moves.I am looking for somebody locally since I have to meet a person.I live in Queens New York.

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What's your idea, maybe we can all collaborate on it and share thoughts?

@Johnny, Hi I'm the newest member here, but I had to comment. Jacek's post is very old and specific so I think he is unlikely to reply. Nonetheless, your response appeals to someone like me who is getting a little old in the tooth for the programming side. I will throw in an idea: A filter for stocks near a 12 month low but in an uptrend as defined by daily bars, Pivot Point Low (12). The concept of pivot point bars is found [here].