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MACD crossover strategy using Quantopian built in factors

Hi all,

I am relatively new to quantopian and algorithmic trading. My normal trading strategy is to look for MACD-signal line crossovers. When the macd and signal lines are above the 0 line (signaling that 12 day ema is above the 26 day ema), I look for the fast to cross below the slow and trigger a sell, vice versa for buy when the two lines are below the 0 line. Anyways, pretty basic strategy. What I am noticing on Quantopian with their MACD factor is that you cant account for a signal line crossover, only positive negative values of the MACD. Ive read that you an achieve this with TA-LIB, but I want to use the tradable universe USEquityPrcing and TA lib is not compatible with many stocks. I'm just curious if there is a way to work around this MACD factor flaw. Thank you.

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This may help.