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Mapping quantopian symbols from CSV file

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AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'symbol'
USER ALGORITHM:12, in my_universe
context.myUniverse = [s.symbol for s in sids]

def preview(df):' \n %s ' % df.head())
return df

Function for returning a set of SIDs from fetcher_data

def my_universe(context, fetcher_data):
sids = set(fetcher_data['sid'])
context.myUniverse = [s.symbol for s in sids]
context.count = len(sids)
print "total universe size:{c}".format(c=context.count)
return sids

def initialize(context):
context.myUniverse = [] #Create an empty list to store stock symbols = None
context.stocks = [sid(24),sid(290)]
url_x = ''
#url_x = ''

This program is able to read the CSV file but not find symbols mentioned in CSV and update them to the set custom universe