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May/June leaderboard inconsistencies complicate stop/start decisions

Even with the latest June leaderboard update (Sunday evening -- about an hour ago), some paper trading statistics are still inconsistent with the May leaderboard. Since there's been no June trading yet, paper trading on the two boards should match, shouldn't it (except for the redefined beta)?

For example, this algo shows a max drawdown of about -0.57% on the May board:

But the same algo on the June board has a max drawdown of about -5.45%:

That's quite a big difference. The uncertainty about whether the June leaderboard is correct makes it harder to decide whether to stop an existing algorithm and start a new one.

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The back testing start and end date are not consistent, I think this was a suggestion I made a while back.
Regardless of the submission date the backtesting should be the same for all algorithm. Currently it is 2 years from submission date then paper trading. So the weight of back-testing and paper trading of all algorithms in the competition may vary a lot.

I submitted an algo on Friday last week and it has some positions and P/L. However I don't figure on the list at all? Why is that? Should I have to wait for another day before it gets a rank?

Same here. Submitted algo Friday morning, it made some trades and seems to be running fine as contest entry, but thinking I should shut it down, gove up Friday's p&l and resubmit as it still has not shown up on list. Contacted [email protected] Friday night with no response yet.

On Friday we fixed a bug affecting the calculation of performance metrics for a small subset of contest entries. We've been in touch with Kevin about the miscalculation of his returns. Most entries should see little to no difference in the metrics between the two leaderboards. We vetted the returns of May's top performers to ensure this bug did not affect the contest outcome.

Leaderboard metrics should match what you see in the full backtest and live algo screens. When in doubt, trust the numbers that match what you see in those dashboards.

Beginner and Sniderweb,
Friday's development work on the June leaderboard prevented a few algorithms submitted Friday morning from appearing at the end of the day. You should see your entry on the leaderboard today.


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@Andrew, I still don't see my entry on leadership board but it shows as active under my algorithms. Do you mean it will appear on board after today's close?

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I have 3 algos only one showing up in the rank, can you guys checked that you have not deleted some or moved to the wrong month?


@beginner @lucas The June leaderboard will be update after trading ends today. If we don't see your algos pop up then, we'll take a closer look. Thanks for your patience!