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Minimum amount for live trading using quantopian

What is the minimum amount that you guys typically put in for live trading to start with.

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It depends on your trading frequency and commissions. I think it'd probably be quite hard to be sustainable with less than 25k.

As Simon said, it depends on your strategy and trading frequency. If you're trading an asset allocation system where you trade once a month or quarter, a small amount(minimum for the broker you're using) is fine. For intraday strategies, you probably need more than 25k if it's at all active because of the pattern daytrading rule. If you care about leverage, portfolio margin becomes available above 100k, though it's obviously not necessary.

Some people will say that you can start with a much smaller amount and IMO it's a two-edged sword. If you're doing it for fun or to learn, any amount your broker will accept is fine. However, if your goal is to make money, you need a decent starting balance just to make it worth your while. If you build a strategy which makes 20% a year but only run it on 5k, you'll make a thousand a year -- your return for the time you spend perfecting the strategy will probably be less than minimum wage. Of course, if you start with more $, you risk more if your system doesn't work as intended.