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Minute data not working zipline

I wanted to get some minute history data by using the following:

hist_minutes = data.history(context.aapl, 'price' , 50, '1m')
This gave me the following error:

NoDataForSid:No minute data for sid 8.
This is strange because when I used 1d instead of 1m it did work, so why is that? And how can this be fixed in order to also get minute data.

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My best guess is that you did not ingest minute data. If you are using the Quantopian dataset, that could be day resolution only

Thanks for your respone!And yes as far as I know I am using the quantopian dataset. I have one more question though, do you also happen to know how to ingest the minute data, is it as simple as:
conda/pip install minute_data?