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Morningstar vs Fundamentals?

"from import morningstar" vs "from import Fundamentals"; what's the difference? Also is there any perks or drawbacks to using one over the other.

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from import Fundamentals  

It's faster. Also, the old 'from import morningstar' will be deprecated soon. See

Ok, makes sense; yet, sometimes when I try to call certain metrics with Fundamentals, the information is missing. This information is available if I call through morningstar. For example, under valuation ratios, I am unable to call dividend_rate through fundamentals, but I am able to call it through morningstar. Am I doing something wrong, or are certain metrics just not available through Fundamentals?

I'm not sure about dividend_rate, while dividend_yield has changed to trailing_dividend_yield and is updated at Some further info here that I might add to. As a preview, these are some others containing dividend: actual_forward_dividend ... actual_trailing_dividend ... cash_dividends_for_minorities ... dividend_per_share_earnings_reports ... expected_dividend_growth_rate ... forward_dividend ... regression_growthof_dividends5_years ... total_dividend_paymentof_equity_shares ... total_dividend_paymentof_non_equity_shares ... total_dividend_per_share_earnings_reports

Sounds great that actually helped alot Blue thank you!