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I am new to this. Can someone please help me solve these errors. Thanks

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# The initialize function is the place to set your tradable
# universe and define any parameters. 
def initialize(context):
    # Robinhood only allows long positions, use this trading
    # guard in case
    # Since we are trading with Robinhood we can set this to $0!
    # Define our five assets.
    context.assets = [sid(8554),  
   # Set the allocation per stock
    pct_per_algo = 0.95 / len(context.assets)
    # Make a separate algo for each stock.
    context.algos = [MovingAverage(assets, pct_per_algo) for sid in context.assets]

def handle_data(context, data):
    # Call each individual algorithm's handle_data method.
    for algo in context.algos:
        algo.handle_data(context, data)
# This is the original algorithm but it has been turned into its own class 
# with its own handle data method. Now you can create multiple instances of it.

class MovingAverage(object):
    # Initialize with a single stock and assign a proportion of the account.
    def __init__(self, security, pct_of_account): = security
        self.pct = pct_of_account
    def handle_data(self, context, data):

        average_price = data[].mavg(5)
        current_price = data[].price
        # Adjust the cash by the proportion allocated to this stock
        cash = * self.pct

        if current_price > 1.01*average_price and cash > current_price:

            number_of_shares = int(cash / current_price)

            order(, number_of_shares)
  "Buying %s" % (

        elif current_price < average_price:

            order_target(, 0)
  "Selling %s" % (
There was a runtime error.
1 response

Hi Nick,

The error here is occurring because the sid method is getting overridden by your use of sid as an iterator variable on line 24. Simply change sid to some other name and the code will run.


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