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multiple algorithms via IB

I just wanted to share the below with the community. This may be of interest for people wanting to go live on multiple algorithms via Interactive Brokers, and would like to manage each algorithms separately with its own capital (as oppose to lumping all algorithms to one).

Would also love to know your strategies for going live with multiple algorithms.

"A linked account is intended to facilitate ease of operation of multiple accounts belonging to the same beneficial owner (same name and taxpayer identification number). Thus, for example, if one maintained an individual trading account, a Roth IRA account and a Traditional IRA account, all could be linked (a joint account cannot be linked to an individual account at this time). The primary benefits of doing so would include a single user ID, password and security device through which all accounts could be accessed and a single market data subscription which would be accessible to all accounts. It's important to note that each account is funded separately, margined separately (including PDT calculations) and is subject to its own monthly minimum activity fee. Operationally, once the account holder logs in to the trading platform or Account Management, they are presented with a drop down list of the linked accounts and need to specify the account for which orders are submitted or administrative tasks performed.

A new linked account can be opened by either selecting the Account Administration and then Link Existing Account menu options in Account Management or by selected the 'Open an Account' button from the IB home page and entering the same email address as on the existing account. If the account holder already has multiple eligible accounts which were opened prior to the availability of linkage, they may be linked by selecting the Account Management menu options referenced above. For additional information regarding the steps to link an account type KB1319 into the search engine on the IB home page. Information regarding the selection of a market data billing account can be found at KB1684 and general FAQs at KB1467."
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