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Need help with local_csv() in Research

I am trying to read a CSV file using local_csv() in Research:

data = local_csv('/Users/Desktop/FRED-DGS3MO.csv', date_column='Date')  

Repeated attempts failed with errors:

IOErrorTraceback (most recent call last)
in ()
----> 1 data = local_csv('/Users/Desktop/FRED-DGS3MO.csv', date_column='Date')
2 data.head()

/build/src/qexec_repo/qexec/research/ in local_csv(path,
symbol_column, date_column, use_date_column_as_index, timezone,
symbol_reference_date, *read_csv_kwargs)
286 symbol_reference_date=symbol_reference_date,
287 symbols_function=symbols,
--> 288 *
289 )

/build/src/qexec_repo/qexec/research/api.pyc in inner_local_csv(path,
symbol_column, date_column, use_date_column_as_index, timezone,
symbol_reference_date, symbols_function, **read_csv_kwargs)
823 if not realpath.startswith(NOTEBOOK
824 raise IOError(
--> 825 "Cannot open file {path}.".format(path=path)
826 )

IOError: Cannot open file /Users/Desktop/FRED-DGS3MO.csv.

CSV data in 2 columns:

Date, Value  
2017-08-31, 1.01  
2017-08-30, 1.03  
2017-08-29, 1.03  
2017-08-28, 0.98  
2017-08-25, 1.03  
2017-08-24, 1.02  

Not sure what I have missed.. please help?



1 response

Hi Karl,

Try uploading the file to the /data directory from the Notebooks page. (In case you haven't used the file upload in research, click on Notebooks -> the 'data' folder -> the 'upload file' button on the top right).

local_csv reads in files from the /data directory, so once you have your file in that directory, it should be readable. You'd also need to modify your invocation of local_csv, to something like:

data = local_csv('FRED-DGS3MO.csv', date_column='Date')  

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