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Need help with update_universe

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import scipy.stats as stats
import time
from quantopian.pipeline import Pipeline
from quantopian.pipeline import CustomFactor
from import morningstar
from quantopian.pipeline.factors import EWMA, Latest, SimpleMovingAverage
from import USEquityPricing
from quantopian.algorithm import attach_pipeline, pipeline_output

def initialize(context):
context.limit = 500.0
# Set possible number of random stocks meeting fundamental data requirements

def before_trading_start(context):
fundamental_df = get_fundamentals(
.filter(fundamentals.valuation_ratios.peg_ratio > 2

    .filter(fundamentals.valuation_ratios.peg_ratio < 1  

    .filter(fundamentals.valuation_ratios.pb_ratio < 1  

    .filter(fundamentals.valuation_ratios.pb_ratio > 5  


    .limit = context.limit  

 # Screening fudamental data  


Updating the universe *****Doesn't Work******

def handle_data(context, data):
cash =
position = context.portfolio.positions
for stock in data:
position = context.portfolio[stock].amount # Set position for reference
price = context.portfolio[stock].price #Long/Short price, price to base stop losses

    stop_long = price - (price * 0.05)    #Stop loss at -5%  
    stop_short = price + (price * 0.05)   #Stop loss at -5%  

    SMA5 = SimpleMovingAverage(inputs=[context.limit], window_length=5)    # Get SMA for 5 days  
    SMA5 = SimpleMovingAverage(inputs=[context.limit], window_length=20)   # Get SMA for 20 days  

        if SMA5 < SMA20  
            if context.fundamentals[stock][fundamentals.valuation_ratios.pb_ratio] > 5       # Stock must meet fundamental data  
                if context.fundamentals[stock][fundamentals.valuation_ratios.peg_ratio] > 2  # Stock must meet fundamental data  
                    if position == 0 # Must not already have a position  
                        order(stock, -500 style=StopOrder(stop_short)) # Market order at current price  
                                                                       # Stop loss order at current price  
                        profit_short = price - (price * 0.10) # Allows take profits order to reference short order price,                                                                           not current price  
                            else order_target(stock, 0)       # If criteria not met, order nothing  
                                if price >= profit_short order_target_value(stock, 0) # Take profits at + 10%  

                                # ***Basically the exact opposite for shorts***  
        if SMA5 > SMA20  
            if context.fundamentals[stock][fundamentals.valuation_ratios.pb_ratio] < 1  
                if context.fundamentals[stock][fundamentals.valuation_ratios.peg_ratio] < 1  
                    if position == 0  
                        order(stock, 500 style=StopOrder(stop_long))  
                        profit_long = price + (price * 0.10)  
                            else order_target(stock, 0)  
                                if price >= profit_long order_target_value(stock, 0)  
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Yeah so I cant even attach the algorithm, but if you copy and paste it in to a black algorithm page it will be exactly the same. The universe update won't work, "Syntax Error". I followed a few tutorials very closely but after like 2 days I still cant get it. I'm also having a lot of trouble trying to filter out low volume, getting SMA's to work, actually having an order work, to name a few problems. Basically anything I try to do doesn't work haha. Any help would be appreciated.

Having the exact same issue. My .filters are different as is my context.limit(25), but the syntax error has me boggled.

I suspect you are missing a closed parenthesis somewhere with your get_fundamentals call such that the syntax error is being thrown on update_universe(). Tough to tell from inspection here due to the formatting of the code but that's my guess. Hope that helps.


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Yeah I fixed that. It doesn't have any Syntax errors it just doesn't buy or sell anything.

Josh - thanks for the help. I left an 's' off...tired eyes.