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New Datasets, Pipeline UX Improvement, and More

Hey Everyone,

We have a number of platform updates to share:

New Datasets: Geographic Revenue Exposure, Long Term Estimates, and Broker Recommendations.

One of our goals this year is to add a lot more data to Pipeline so that you have more ways to come up with successful strategies that are eligible for the contest (and an allocation). Today, we added 3 new datasets from FactSet’s catalog, and all 3 are usable in the contest. Check them out and see if they spark any new ideas!

To learn more about each dataset and how to use them, see the Data Reference:

We plan on making a follow-up post that covers each dataset in more depth, but in the meantime, the data reference should give you a lot of information on each one!

Pipeline Progress Bars

In Research, running a pipeline with run_pipeline now includes a progress bar to give you a sense of how much of your pipeline has been computed and how much is left. At a high level, it computes the progress by determining the total number of terms that the pipeline needs to compute and the % that have already been computed. This should make it easier to work with pipelines in research, especially those that take longer to run.

Backtest Instance Classes Upgraded

We upgraded the hardware or ‘instance class’ on which backtests are executed so you should start to see backtests running a little faster than they did before. Generally speaking, we see the most extreme speed improvements with software updates, but this hardware upgrade should lead to a slight improvement here. It’s also worth noting that the new instance class has a bit more memory, so if you had a backtest that ran out of memory before, you should try running it again.

Debugger Fix

Previously, the debugger was crashing for algorithms that used certain quantopian module attributes. Most commonly, this occurred in algorithms that used the optimize.experimental module. We pushed a fix so it shouldn’t crash any more.

Thanks to Gary for originally reporting the issue.

For those who celebrate it, happy 4th of July!


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hey my name is kaiwalya harkare i am from India . I am new to algorithmic side of trading and python data visualization but i have a strong base in fundamental analysis . I am 16 yrs old will you help me smash bugs . I am not very good at this .

Hey Jamie, this functionality is excellent - thank you for the update!

UX must be User Experience