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New Feature - get_live_results()

Today we are introducing get_live_results() to Quantopian Research. This new function is analogous to the get_backtest() function and lets you load in results from one of your live algorithms so that you can interact with them. You can now interact with everything you see in your live algorithm dashboard including daily returns, positions, orders, risk metrics, and even exceptions that may have caused your algorithm to stop.

The notebook attached to this post contains a couple simple use case examples as well as an appendix containing everything in the live results that you have access to. Note that you will need to use an ID for one of your own live algos to be able to execute cells in this notebook!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!

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EDIT: sorry - nvm below - really nice stuff!! thanks.

Any idea what is causing this?

File "", line 1
lr. # press to see list of available components
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Loading notebook preview...

That cell is actually not meant to be executed. The idea of lr.<tab> is that after you type lr., you can press tab to see all of the attributes of a LiveResults algorithm.

Hooray thanks!!

Good job, thanks!

My immediate reaction to seeing this is, "I wonder if you could use it inside an algo itself, so it can look at its own performance and adjust its behavior..."

This is very useful, thanks