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New Kaggle $100K quant challenge?

I'm wondering whether they will accept algos generated on Q :)

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No Idea! ha

I don't see anything about it on Kaggle

The software is written in close-to-metal C/C++ for maximal speed, and runs on a distributed cloud-based infrastructure that can scale to an unlimited number of cores.
At least the engineering decisions seems to have been done properly.

This area of quant research outsourcing is getting competitive

Sorry, got that wrong. It doesn't appear to be a Kaggle competition, but from a new company called Machina

The gist of it seems to be: improve their SPY algo, win $100k.

@lucasSilva,, what do you mean by "quant research outsourcing is getting competitive?"

Some serious people involved: Doug Cutting, creator of Hadoop, and Rishi Narang, author of "Black Box Trading"

According to their website:

"you can use any language, including Python..." to create a strategy for SPY

I guess this means you could use Quantopian/Python?

There is nothing I can find on Kaggle about this.

Anyone have a link?