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New Trading Guard to Exclude Leveraged ETFs from Algo Universe

In the Quantopian Open, leveraged ETFs are not allowed in the algorithm's universe. To help you avoid them, we created a trading guard that will prevent your algorithm from ordering these securities.

In the initialize() function, you can add in the new trading guard: set_do_not_order_list(security_lists.leveraged_etf_list). The list is maintained by Quantopian, and will be modified as securities come and go on the exchanges. It's point-in-time and becomes active in the backtester on January 23, 2015. You can read more in the documentation.

You can also pass a custom list as a parameter to set_do_not_order_list. This will prevent your algorithm from ordering any security in the tailored list.

Below is an example of an algo that checks if the trading guard is violated before placing orders.

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def initialize(context):
    # select a random basket of stocks based on traded dollar-volume
    set_universe(universe.DollarVolumeUniverse(floor_percentile=95, ceiling_percentile=100))
    # set trading guard to avoid ordering over-leveraged ETFs

# Will be called on every trade event for the securities you specify. 
def handle_data(context, data):
    for sec in data:
        # check if the security is eligible in the Quantopian Open and
        # then order a target position of 100 shares
        if sec in security_lists.leveraged_etf_list:
  "%s is an over-leveraged ETF, not purchasing" % (sec.symbol))
            order_target(sec, 100)
There was a runtime error.

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8 responses

Hi - is there anyway to expand the security_lists? Currently only seems to leveraged etf's only. Can it be expanded to include volatility etfs and other various etfs based on investment strategy/geography etc. Currently I manually omit them from my universe but was wondering if there is a more effective method.

Is there a way to drop security_lists.leveraged_etf_list from the universe itself.

This will also exclude them from the algo crunching their numbers before coming to
ordering stage.

I posted this request earlier

If we have an algo running in the contest, should we stop the algo (after hours) to add this line?

It seems that adding set_do_not_order_list(security_lists.leveraged_etf_list) in initialize() does not protect the algo from trading leveraged ETFs. I added it as the 1st line of initialize() and my algo is still DQ'd from contest. While fetcher-based algos are no longer accepted after this month, my submission uses fetcher and sets the universe with that data - perhaps something like Yagnesh's idea needs to be implemented to keep such algos from being DQd?

You would need 2 parts in your code to protect against trading leveraged ETFs:

  1. Set the trading guard (line 7 in the example above)
  2. Check if the security is a leveraged ETF before trading (line 14 in the example above)

Yagnesh, I had missed your suggestion earlier! I like that idea and we'll see how to add it in the API.


This solution does not seem to be working well. It just throws an exception and does not let the backtest complete. It would be better if the rule actually just skipped over the security and allowed the backtest to complete. Can you confirm this is how it is currently set up to work?

Here is the exception:

There was a runtime error on line 136.
Order for -2532 shares of Equity(39898 [GASL]) at 2016-01-04 14:31:00+00:00 violates trading constraint set_do_not_order_list.

John, if i'm reading this correctly, you can replace ""%s is an over-leveraged ETF, not purchasing" % (sec.symbol)))" with "pass" and that should just quietly ignore the problem.

I wrote a CustomFactor to exclude leveraged ETFs from pipeline results. Now when we are in Q2 and there no longer is universe this (or similar solution) is probably optimal;