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Newb here . it said i have a run error on line 18. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

def before_trading_start(context, data):

def handle_data(context, data):

price_history = data.history(, fields="price", bar_count=15, frequency="1m")  

current_price = data.current(, "price")  

if current_price > price_history:  

if current_price < price_history:  
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It's easier when you can attach a backtest to help debug (with the offending line commented out so the algo can finish a backtest).

I copied your code into the IDE and fixed it, take a look at the backtest below. The problem is you were comparing a price_history of 15 values to a single value of current_price. Instead, you need to compare one value to one value. I took the mean of the 15 day period to get a single result, and now the comparison runs. (see lines 16, 19). Cheers.

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