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Newbie with zipline

I am using jupyter for zipline :
%%zipline --start 2000-1-1 --end 2014-1-1 --bundle my-yahoo-equities-bundle gives
UnknownBundle: No bundle registered with the name 'my-yahoo-equities-bundle'

Is there no option --bundle on zipline ? How do I specify my data bundle ?
With no --bundle option it works with the default "quantopian-quandl 2016-08-04 00:09:42.171731"
Thanx - balu raman

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This worked for me running jupyter in a virtualenv, but you might have to adjust it for your situation.
Before you import zipline, in a new jupyter cell enter:

from import register  
from import yahoo_equities  

This assumes that you have ingested your bundle outside of jupyter.
I cant explain why the jupyter %%zipline magic command doesnt seem to read or process .zipline/ .