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Non-Trading (Do Not Trade) option

I have a simple yet annoying problem:
When I choose not to trade (no buy/sell orders), the context.portfolio.portfolio_value always keeps changing like I was trading for real.
Is there a way not to trade so as the context.portfolio.portfolio_value will not update itself?

Also the cost_basis per stock changes as well.

Thank you very much

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Hi Tirath,

Your portfolio value can change if you are currently holding any positions, as the value of those positions can change. Is it possible that this is what's causing the updates that you're seeing?

The cost_basis will change if you place a new order for a position you already held. We don't currently have a good way of storing the cost_basis of positions that were established over multiple orders, it's something that's on our list to improve.


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@Jamie: So how exactly is cost_basis calculated?

@ André, cost_basis is calculated as "The volume-weighted average price paid (price and commission) per share in this position." (

@Jamie: Then how is .vwap calculated? Suppose my buy order for 500 shares was filled with 100 shares at $50.01 and 400 at $50.05. Another order for 500 shares was filled at $50.00. Then I sold 50 shares. What was the volume-weighted average price, as calculated by Quantopian, after each of these operations?

@André, the .vwap() function doesn't include commission costs and uses pricing data instead of fill prices. In your example, I would expect the cost_basis to be $50.021 which comes from:

($50.01*100/1000) + ($50.05*400/1000) + ($50.00*500/1000)