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Non US Equities are only until 2018-11-11

While replicating the example on with non US Equities and recent dates I received an error message saying that the data was only until 2018-11-11. Is there a mistake that I am making? Below is the code that I got the error message with. I tried the same code with different country codes and received the same message except for US_EQUITIES

from quantopian.pipeline import Pipeline  
from import EquityPricing  
from quantopian.pipeline.domain import DE_EQUITIES  
from quantopian.research import run_pipeline

# Get the latest daily close price for all equities  
yesterday_close = EquityPricing.close.latest

# Get the latest daily trading volume for all equities.  
yesterday_volume = EquityPricing.volume.latest

# Add our data columns to our pipeline and specify the domain to be DE_EQUITIES  
pipe = Pipeline(  
    columns = {  
        'close': yesterday_close,  
        'volume': yesterday_volume  
    domain = DE_EQUITIES  

#Run the pipeline over a one year period and print the output  
df = run_pipeline(pipe, '2018-10-08', '2019-01-01')  
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There is a 1 year holdout for non-US equity price and volume data. This is what the error is saying. Data is only available up through one year before the current date. Several data sets have such holdouts. Check out the specific holdouts on each dataset in the documentation (here's the documentation for pricing


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Are there any plans of removing the holdouts on the international equities in the near term?

There currently aren't plans to remove the one year holdout for non-US equity price and volume data. This restriction is part of our agreements with various data providers and is one of the reasons we are able to provide this data for free.

Is it still correct non-US equities are not yet supported in the IDE?