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Now that Quantopian supports Future trading, is there any way to get real time spot prices for index based futures such as the VIX?

I'm working on an algorithm trading /VX futures. One key piece of data I need though is the underlying VIX spot price. Currently there only seems to be the Quandl ( and that's about it. The problem with that data set is it's a day or two behind for live trading. Quantopian doesn't support options either currently so I have no way of manually calculating it inside of Quantopian without resorting to fetch_csv, which I'd rather avoid as opens another can of worms. It'd be great to get data for other indexes too - such as the NASDAQ, S&P 500, etc., without relying on various ETFs that track it. The EFTs alone aren't good enough as they can trade at a premium or a discount to both the futures and the underlying index.

What's the best approach currently to get real time(minute level interval) VIX data? Thanks!

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Oh and not to mention, sadly Quantopian still doesn't support using pipeline with futures, even if you set your algorithm to only run during the equity calendar. I'd like to get this addressed right away as right now it limits a ton of possibility to use data for futures trading.