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number of algorithms that can be run with quantopian?

does anyone know the answer to the title question? i have heard both - you can run multiple algos / you can only run a single algo.

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I believe you can have one algorithm live-trading per connected brokerage account. Otherwise with the way the Q platform is designed you'd have problems where one algorithm would securities that were purchased by the other algorithm and it wouldn't behave the way you'd want it to. If you want two or more strategies employed on one brokerage account, you'll have to combine them in a single algorithm that takes into account how they interact with each other's orders.

Not sure about Robinhood. This applies to Interactive Brokers ...

How to handle portfolio with IB trading - Quantopian
Apr 6, 2017 - The Quantopian system won't know (or care) if it is connecting to a sub-account or not.

IB sub accounts are the same way Quantopian trades numerous accounts of those in the fund.

Somewhere someone posted instructions for navigating the IB menus to create sub-accounts at that time and I verified back then they were accurate without commenting, invitation if anyone might like to post latest steps.

This post has good details on implementing IB subaccount trading on Q . Look down a bit for instrutions provided by Simon Thornington.


Does anyone know if sub account minimum are $10,000 - like the main individual accounts?

I use 3000 in one of my accounts to test stuff. So no

I see you can have 3,000 if you're under 25 - personal, but are you?

lol... I wish

alright, thanks

thanks everyone!