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Numerai - hedge fund machine learning crowdsourced contest

I haven't looked into it, might be interesting for folks that are more into ML.

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A nice, accessible article by the founder.

If they haven't already, the Q team may want to have a look at this one.

We’re buying, regularizing and encrypting all of the financial data in the world and giving it away for free.
By requiring that you upload predictions, instead of the code related to your model, we ensure that you can retain all intellectual property rights to your model.
We want you to be able to remain completely anonymous on Numerai. To facilitate anonymity, we offer payments in Bitcoin as well as USD.

For Q, I'm wondering if this sort of approach might be better. Basically, only farm out the problems that they need help with, versus trying to get the crowd to write entire stand-alone, institutional-grade trading strategies (that mere mortals wouldn't trade with their own money anyway, since millions to tens of millions of dollars are required). Plus, the arbitrary software and hardware constraints of Q are removed. The Numerai crowd is free to pick their own analysis tools, and deploy them on their own desktop/cloud high-performance computing platforms.

Sounds like they already have their hedge fund up and running:

We use predictions from our platform to trade global securities in our hedge fund, Numerai Fund 1, LP operated by the management company Numerai, LLC. Our independent fund administrator is SS&C Technologies, Inc. and our prime broker is Interactive Brokers, LLC

Any one want to collaborate on Numerai? I threw a couple ML algos at the data this week, and managed to crack #39 on the leaderboard for the upcoming month. Would love to swap prediction figures, or compare approaches to the data.


"(that mere mortals wouldn't trade with their own money anyway, since millions to tens of millions of dollars are required)."

I would have thought that a good number of users here build algos and also trade the algos with their own capital (real money) via connecting their Q algos with brokers (e.g. Interactive Brokers). In fact, I imagine this could also be a revenue stream for Q here - to take a cut of commission generated with such trading activities.

Numerai would not have such commission sharing revenue model. They pay out cash to purchase quality info from the crowd.