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Old algorithms not cloning

I am trying to clone this algorithm by another user

  • can someone please let me know why it is not available to clone ?
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In the same context I had cloned this algorithm a few months back, it seemed to run okay then, - but I can't get it to work anymore as I see a runtime error.

Is the new version of the backtester not compatible with the older algorithms ?

78 Error Runtime exception: ValueError: n_components=10 invalid for n_features=1

Sam, we upgraded our platform recently to use the more recent versions of pandas, scipy, numpy, pytz, and statsmodel. You can see the announcement here:

As a result, some algos that previously ran may now need tweaks to compile again. We can't see your algo from that URL because it's only visible to you, but go ahead and paste it in a code block here, so we can all help to fix it.

EDIT: For some reason that algo is missing a "clone" button and we'll work to get it back!


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