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OT low cost way to diversify
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Sorta an interesting concept. For investing, the Vanguard benchmark of 0.2% cost per year is best-in-class, as I understand. This works out to a $20K motif portfolio, assuming quarterly re-balancing. So, it still requires quite a bit of initial capital to keep the cost down, relative to just putting the money in an index fund (e.g. Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares, VFINX).


Anyone who invests in 'funds' called "Black Gold" and "Asian Fusion" deserves to lose the lot. Personally I'm long Turkish social-media advertising startups.


Hello AM,

See Paul Wilmott here at 18:23 to 19:11. Paul makes a nice living from consulting, teaching and writing about trading. He doesn't appear to trade himself. LTCM presumably taught him that.


I e-mailed Motif regarding their creator royalty program and it is basically open-ended and free. You can create as many Motifs as you want, and then enter them into the program to make them eligible for a royalty of $1 any time a client purchases or rebalances one of the Motifs. The only restriction is that you need a brokerage account (and not a retirement account) to receive the royalty payments (I've e-mailed to confirm that it is one of their brokerage accounts that is required).

Regarding Anony's comment "Selling picks, pans, eggs and coffee to miners is much more lucrative that mining itself. The same is true for trading." has anyone ever seen any statistics or reports by the likes of Interactive Brokers breaking out how many of their customers make money and how they are making it?